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Precious & Semi-Precious Stones


"Add more color to your life" with any of our spectacular colored gemstones. We carry an extensive collection of Certified Sapphires, Emeralds, and Rubies in various shapes and sizes both loose and mounted. We also have a wide variety of lesser known colored gemstones. You will not find a larger selection of colored gemstones anywhere on the Treasure Coast. We are proud members of AGTA and all of our gemstones are mined from the Earth with only a few exceptions which we clearly note.


Click here to view examples of stones we have in our collection



We carry a very large assortment of loose Diamonds representing the majority of popular cut styles, sizes, clarity, color ranges, and prices. 90% of our loose Diamonds are Lab Certified most of which come with a GIA certficate. We also have a small collection of GIA Certified Yellow Fancy Diamonds that are simply breath taking. Through our large Diamond Dealer Network we are able to provide almost any specific Diamond request at an extremely competitive price within a few days if we do not already have it in stock.


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We love Pearls - all shapes, colors and sizes - and we have a huge collection for you to browse. We carry Freshwater Pearls in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes as well as Pearls from the South Seas, Tahitian Islands, and Japan. In addition to the our collection of loose pearls we also have traditional pearl jewelry styles throughout our Estate selections, our customer designed pieces, and our modern designer pieces. 

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