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You will not want to miss out of this set of twelve antique gold washed sterling silver Dominick & Haff Strawberry forks. Their unique design combines a twisted neck with a hammered handle topped off by gold washed hammered tines. Though strawberry forks are no longer in use today, they may double as cocktail/seafood forks. 

Though not established until 1872 or incorporated until 1889, Dominick & Haff can trace its beginnings to William Gale and son, which started in New York in 1821, changed its name to Gale and North in 1860, and became Gale, North and Dominick in 1868, when Henry Blanchard Dominick (1847 – 1928) entered the business. Relatively few details of Dominick & Haff history are known at present. It was sold to Reed & Barton in 1928 and consolidated within that firm.

The set weighs a total of 6.655 troy ounces or 0.556 troy ounces each. They are lightly polished to preserve the patina.  You may additionally polish if so desired. Dark spots are reflections from the camera.

Antique Dominick & Haff Gold Washed Sterling Silver Strawberry Forks